Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My First Doll, "Birdie"

       I've been wanting to try my hand at doll making for a long time and I finally did. I really enjoyed making "Birdie" and when I have time, I definitely want to make more dolls, lots of fun!  Here's her story and some photos: 
       Birdie happily spends most of her days in the woods behind her house whistling and gossiping with the birds who have always been naturally drawn to her.   The local woodsmen made Birdie a chair with the wood from a fallen tree and the birds carved the chair posts with their beaks!  She also proudly, (and carefully), wears a robin's nest with eggs on her head until the eggs hatch.
      I sculpted Birdie from polymer clay and painted her body with acrylics and her face with oils.  She measures about 9" while sitting, (she is not posable).  She can be removed from her chair though,  and perched on a shelf or table.  I made the chair from Mulberry tree branches and mossy bark, with carved polymer clay bird finials.  The chair has a metal post on the seat, (seat is covered with faux suede), which allows the doll to be seated securely on her chair.  Her hair is dark brown viscose and mohair and her bird's nest hat was made with moss and polymer clay.
       Her dress is handsewn cotton with a black tulle under skirt and her shoes are brown suede,(her clothing is not removable).  Her bird friends are also sculpted with polymer clay and painted with acrylics.


  1. She is so beautiful, such a new thing for you --I LOVE her. Love all the details, the birds, that chair, her "wild" hair and that cool dress! Another triumph for you, Tamra
    (Dachsiemom from Flickr)

  2. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments, Val! I've been wanting to try something new for a long time. I had so much fun making this doll that I want to make more!