Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Lucy Fan~Day of the Dead Diorama

     This is my latest Day of the Dead skeleton diorama.  It features a cute red headed skeleton named Patty, (a huge Lucille Ball fan!) watching her favorite "I Love Lucy" episode, when Lucy and Ethel go to work in the chocolate factory, (it’s called “Job Switching”).  I guess Lucy never gets old!  Patty also loves chocolates, so she's digging into the box her boyfriend got her for Valentine’s Day.
     I had a lot of fun making "The Lucy Fan".  I love vintage furniture, so I decided to make some 40's/50's looking furniture for this piece.  Patty, her chocolates, the chair, the TV, the "ceramic" panther TV lamp, and the frame with the two photos of Lucille Ball on the TV are all sculpted from polymer clay. The TV screen has an image of that "I Love Lucy" episode over glow in the dark clay.  Also, I made a hole in the wooden base so a mini tea light can be used to illuminate the TV screen and the lamp on top.  I am including a purple and a yellow tea light.
     Patty’s hair is strawberry blonde viscose and her gown, robe and slippers are made from flannel, fleece and faux fur.
     "The Lucy Fan" measures 10"x6"x5 1/2" tall.  It's signed and dated.

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