Friday, March 7, 2014

Day of the Dead Diorama "Old Friends"

       Making his midnight rounds at the graveyard, Jasper the caretaker, and his dog Flaco, heard laughter and went to investigate.  They expected to find some teenagers having a little party, but they couldn't believe what they saw instead!  Two fine looking gentlemen sharing a drink and a smoke and some good jokes.  One problem;  they had both been dead for over 60 years!
       This Day of the Dead diorama features my polymer clay skeletons, which are painted with acrylics.  They two "dead" guys, Will B. Back and M.T. Tomb, (I know, I know! Really bad!), have been treated with crackle paint and some faint glow in the dark paint and washes,(their skin glows a bit and their teeth glow!).  Flaco's bone dog tag also glows in the dark.  In addition, the lantern that Jasper is holding has the  flame of a battery powered tea light inside, (the tea light was inserted from the bottom and is accessible so it can be turned on and off and the  batteries can be changed if necessary).
       The piece measures 6 1/2" wide, 6 1/2" deep and 6 1/4" tall.  The base is signed and dated and has a felt pad in the bottom.

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