Thursday, January 17, 2013

Day of the Dead Dioramas for Jarritos Soda Website

I was recently commissioned to make nine large dioramas for Jarritos soda.  They will be featured on their website to illustrate the history of their soda, starting with the first days of creating the formula in a 1950's style dining room.
Here is a link to the website, (you have to click on the photo to watch a video of the piece).  There are three dioramas on the site so far, and you have to scroll through the thumbnails below the large photo to see the other two:
 Here are the first three:

"Our Founder":

Don Francisco Hill experimenting on the dining room table while his wife waits to serve dinner! 

"Mandarin Groves":

Harvesting some mandarins in Yucatan

My son, Taylor, helped me a lot with some of the elements, like these orange trees, which took forever to make!  Thanks, Tay!

"Natural Sugar":

A family enjoying Jarritos sodas at their backyard BBQ, (real tissue paper covered, swinging donkey pinata!)


  1. wow - congrats! and your work is awesome, i love it! so much attention to detail...(btw, i found this post via Comrade's Calacas blog.)

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, Susie! Good to know that you read about my dioramas on Comrade Calacas' great blog!